Geothermal Wells

We’ve been serving customers with Geothermal Wells since the late 1970s. There are still tax credits available to help consumers and businesses implement geothermal at a reduced price. Over the years we have undertaken several different types of geothermal systems.

The first and oldest type of system is called a pump and dump system. In this type of geothermal well the output of the water in the system is many times dumped into a pond on the property.

The next type of system is the closed loop. This consists of several wells approximately twenty feet apart that water is circulated through much like the radiator of a car. One of the innovations of this system is controlling the environment the water is exposed to.

The newest form is called the standing column Geothermal well. It is a closed loop similar to the first, but is much more compact.

Each type of system has it’s advantages, be sure to talk to us today about what you have in mind and we can help find the right fit for your situation.