About Us

Making it possible to have water where it’s never been available before.

HISTORY: I have arrived at this point in my career as a drilling contractor from a variety of factors. Dad was a builder when he bought his first drill rig in 1954 at the age of 28. My parents, Alvin and Clara Wilson had just completed building a motel and restaurant in Erwin where they drilled a well to supply water for the motel. Dad became interested in the drilling business while watching this well being drilled. After the motel opened a salesman from a North Carolina based company named Drillers Service would stop and spend the night while in the area. The salesman did his job and WDS was born.

As I grew up we were usually building some type of rental property or residential housing while operating the drilling business. Naturally, my business life has been influenced greatly by following in dad’s footsteps. I started working as a helper installing pumps as a summer job at the age of 12. My title at that point would have been company backhoe. I bought my first drill rig at the age of 22. My focus was to diversify our drilling business into new emerging markets like commercial, environmental and geothermal. Looking back we have been blessed with some great men as long term employees. They are the reason for our success for over 65 years.