Business Philosophy

Dad always said: “deal with complete honesty and work for the customer like you would for yourself”. It is our standard practice to meet the needs of our customers in as timely a manner as possible. Responding first to the customers who are out of
water and putting them ahead of new well construction. Going the extra mile to meet their needs, while earning their trust in our experience and ability and building their confidence in using groundwater as a reliable, quality water supply. We want customers to understand there is a difference between a well developed by a ground water professional and a hole in the ground created by a well digger. Over the past 65 years this has created a growing number of customers depending on our services to maintain their water supply. Often times we have more service work than we can get done without new well construction. A large contributing factor to this issue is we find ourselves taking care of our customers as well as those who have been left without a contractor to service their water system due to the declining number of drilling contractors in Tennessee over the last twenty years.